Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Spesifikasi Dan Harga Canon Camcorder LEGRIA FS 305 + Tas + SDHC 16 Gb

SD/SDHC memory card recording
•    Canon?s smallest-ever digital camcorder
•    Video Snapshot
•    41x Advanced Zoom
•    Dual Shot
•    Image Stabilizer with Dynamic mode
•    Pre REC
•    True Wide Hi-Res 16:9
•    Intelligent battery & Quick Charge
•    Compatible with DW-100 DVD Burner
Live life to the full.

Share movies on memory card
The LEGRIA FS305 records movies straight to SD or SDHC memory cards ? easy to carry and ideal for sharing.

Smaller, lighter
The LEGRIA FS305 is the lightest, smallest digital camcorder Canon has ever made. That makes it a great companion throughout your day.

Movies ? in a snap
Video Snapshot mode makes it incredibly easy to create movies for sharing with friends and family. Every time the Record button is pressed, a short four second clip is captured. Simply transfer your clips to a playlist on the memory card, select a soundtrack, and you?re instantly ready to play your movie on a TV ? no need for editing on a PC. Four seconds is the average length of one ?cut? in a TV show, helping to give your final movie an expert feel. Sample music tracks are provided on a supplied CD but you can also load your own music to a memory card.

41x Advanced Zoom
Letting you get closer to all of the action, the DIGIC DV II processor combines with the optical precision of a genuine Canon Video Lens to deliver the reach of a 41x Advanced Zoom.

Dual Shot
Dual Shot sets all controls to automatic, making the camcorder really easy to use. You can shoot high quality video and photos, without the bother of switching between settings on the Control Dial.

IS with Dynamic mode
Record steadier footage, even when you?re moving. The LEGRIA FS305 features an Image Stabilizer with a new Dynamic mode, which compensates for a wider range of camera shake.

In Pre REC mode, the camcorder starts recording three seconds before the Record button is pressed. These three seconds are automatically added to the beginning of each clip, so you can still capture the start crucial moment even if you pressed the Record button too late.

True Wide 16:9
Record stunning, panoramic widescreen movies in true 16:9. Monitor your video footage the way it appears on a widescreen TV via the 6.7cm (2.7`) 16:9 LCD.

Intelligent battery and Quick Charge
Shoot for up to 3.5 hours on a single charge. The intelligent battery displays remaining charge in minutes. When you do need to replenish, it takes just 20 minutes to recharge for an hour?s recording.

Easy DVD burning
Easily burn a DVD. Canon?s DW-100 DVD Burner (available separately) offers simple one-touch burning.

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