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Spesifikasi Dan Harga Canon MiniDV XH A1S 3CCD (Non Warranty)


Digital Video
Power Supply (rated)    7.4V DC (battery pack)
Video Recording system    HDV: HDV1080i; DV: DV specifications
Two rotating heads, helical scan azimuth recording, (Consumer VCR SD specifications)
Audio Recording system    HDV: 2-channel recording MPEG1 Audio Layer II: (Sampling frequency 48 kHz, bit rate 384 kbps)
DV: 2-channel recording PCM digital recording: 16 bits (48 kHz), 12 bits (32 kHz, 12 bits selectable)
Image Sensor    (3) 1/3-inch Native 16:9 CCDs (1440x1080)
Total Pixels    Approx. 1.67 Megapixels each x 3
Effective Pixels    HD approx. 1.56 Megapixels (1440 x 1080)
SD (4:3) approx. 1.17 Megapixels (1080 x 1080)
SD (16:9) approx. 1.56 Megapixels (1440 x 1080)
Tape Format    Video cassettes bearing the MiniDV mark
Tape Speed    HDV/DV: SP mode 18.81mm/second
DV: LP mode 12.56 mm/second
Maximum recording time    HDV/DV: SP mode 80 min. DV:LP; 120 min.
Lens    Canon 20x HD L Series Zoom, f=4.5-90mm, f/1.6-3.5
Focusing System    TTL-video signal sensing system autofocus. Manual focusing possible.
Minimum Focusing Distance    20mm (wide macro), 1m (entire zoom range)
Frame Rate    60i, 24F, 30F
Minimum Illumination    NTSC: 6 lux (Shutter speed 1/60, Gain 18 dB)
PAL: 5 lux (Shutter speed 1/50, Gain 18 dB)
Manual mode (when Gain 18 dB, f/1.6, 60i/50i are selected)
NTSC: 0.4 lux (Shutter speed 1/4), PAL: 0.3 lux (Shutter speed 1/3) (when 60i/50i is selected)
Image Stabilization    SuperRange Optical (Lens Shift)
Filter Diameter    72mm
Viewfinder    .57-inch widescreen, approx. 269,000 pixels
LCD Screen    2.8-inch widescreen, approx. 207,000 pixels
Microphone    High-performance stereo electric condenser microphone
Recording Media    SD/SDHC (photos), MMC (photos)
DV Terminal    HDV/DV Special 6-pin connector (IEEE1394 compatible); both input/output
Video Terminal    (a) Also serves as RCA pin jack (yellow); both input/output
(b) Also serves as BNC connector; output
Output Levels    -12 dBV (with 47-kohm load, 1 Vrms output level setting and -12 dB full scale)
Audio Terminal    XLR 3-pin jack (2 systems); Switchable between MIC/LINE
Microphone Terminal    3.5mm stereo mini-jack
Operating Temperature range    32 - 104° F (0 - 40° C)
Dimensions    6.4 x 7.6 x 15.5 in. (163 x 192 x 394mm)
Weight (not including lens hood and eyecup)    4.7 lbs. (2135 g)
Weight (fully loaded)    5.3 lbs. (2400 g)

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